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  • Apple Laine Cornflower Blue
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  • Dream in Color Smooshy Midnight Derby
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September 01, 2006



Boy? *laugh* I consider a boy about 3 feet tall.

Gorgeous FLAK, and I love the color. I'm an earth tone person.

the boy

I just wanted to see myself online. Woo-Hoo, I'm...nearly...famous...kind-of.
Certainly happy to be taller than 3 feet!

Stephanie the "Dealer"

oh my - I had no idea about that FLAK - that is one awesome sweater (and I'm printing out the FLAK lessons now, thanks for the enabling ;) )

Thanks for reading and the blogiversary wishes - they are much appreciated!


I see you love twilight, and knit... There is a twilight Themed sock club I am starting, It has 2 spots left. It has been advertised extensively on ravelry... Just an invitation to you to check out my yarns, my store blog for reviews of the base, and let a fellow twilight knitter know about an awesome opportunity. The patterns and colors are 100% book inspired!

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